On-Site Staff Support
The Geospatial Group places highly-skilled Geographic Information System (GIS) and database specialists at customer locations. These on-site staff members become an integral part of the customer's team, while having the expertise of the The Geospatial Group family at their disposal. Our on-site staff members have backgrounds in geography and other scientific and engineering fields. The Geospatial Group on-site staff members stay informed about changes in the GIS and Database technology fields through training and participation in industry events. Technical expertise of each The Geospatial Group staff member is leveraged to provide comprehensive service to all customers. In other words, a customer not only has full-time access to the The Geospatial Group staff member on their team, but also has access to the talents of every member of The Geospatial Group.
Project Planning
The Geospatial Group has helped many groups plan and implement projects ranging from field collections to complete database designs. We have experience designing simple and enterprise solutions.
GIS Applications
The Geospatial Group has experience in the major GIS platforms. Many applications have been designed and implemented. These applications save our customers money and time.
Data Modeling
Our database staff members have years of experience modeling data structures. As GIS moves into this area, The Geospatial Group is poised to provide unsurpassed expertise.
The Geospatial Group has experience developing and using the major database platforms available today. Our staff members are vigilant on staying informed about the latest changes or capabilities offered by database vendors.
The Geospatial Group always makes every effort to ensure the cartographic quality of all map products. Data becomes information only when presented well.
Web Applications
Both GIS and Database web applications have been designed and produced by The Geospatial Group. These applications use the latest in available technology.