Providing "Right-Sized" Business Process Solutions

Every business process or project need is different. One software package or one solution does not fit all cases. The Geospatial Group strives to analyze and recommend a proper fit solution for our customers. The Geospatial Group has expertise in desktop and server GIS as well as relational databases and web development. A solution will be developed that is "right-sized" for your needs.


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) continues to be a key to analyzing data of all types. Whether the data has apparent geographic applications, like environmental data, or not so apparent, like business expenditures, geographic analysis offers new views of existing information.

Asset Management

Assets can include land, buildings, attractions or anything a business or agency tracks. By combining a relational database management system with GIS, users can easily appreciate more complex relations between assets.

Property Advertising

Providing information for any asset or property becomes more meaningful with geography. Location, location, location should always be easy to find when advertising any type of property.

Software Development

Our team has been developing software since before Lotus 1-2-3 in C++, Visual Basic, and C# to name but a few. We've often combined this expertise with our experience in various reporting mechanisms to make data tangible and legible for every strata of management.

Data Mining

Our homepage invites you to explore a world of data and we can help in that endeavor with our knowledge of available government data sources. From the number of married households around a shopping mall to crime statistics in an industrial park, we can retrieve that data for you and help you present it.

Web Design & Hosting

It seems that everyone is in the Web design business these days. However, interactivity is the product of server-side scripting in ASP or PHP. We've been doing both since their inception. We specialize in online data entry and reporting programs, using relational database management systems such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL to organize and maintain your information.