MDAH Historic Site Management Tool
HSMT is our broadest project ever and represents not only a Website but a collaborative data management system for Mississippi's Department of Archives and History. The project consists of three main divisions: Architecture, archaeology, and mapping.

Architectural historians and archaeologists both inside MDAH and in their respective professional communities at large enter and edit comprehensive data regarding historical landmarks and archaeological sites. One of the most striking attributes of this project is a system for managing and displaying photos over the Web. Users can even do photo searches, specifying architectural attributes such as types of roofs or staircases.

The architectural aspect of HSMT provides users with the ability to query for information regarding national, state, and local historic landmarks, along with a variety of reports. Contract surveyors manage sets of properties with a portable program. Their survey results are then edited and pushed to production via a desktop program called the HSMT Bridge.

On the archaeological side, queries can be made on over forty database fields spanning attributes such as vegetation, soil composition, archaeological discoveries, and more. Original documents are made available for download for yet greater detail. Both architecture and archaology share a vivid mapping interface which allows users to explore and search on a variety of fields.

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