Mississippi Water Quality Data Compendium
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) perform a broad range of data collection activities to assess water quality conditions in the state. Due to the wide variety of data collection activities there was a need to improve inter-agency communication and coordination concerning water quality data collection. These three agencies have worked together to start a GIS-based water quality data compendium. This compendium shows the location of data collection sites or projects and provides a description of the data including contact information to obtain necessary water quality data. The data compendium is developed to include information on the existing water quality data in a simple and user-friendly manner. MDEQ facilitated the development of this mutually beneficial project. This data compendium should help the project partners and other stakeholders:

  • Foster increased access and use of the existing data;
  • Identify gaps and/or overlaps in data collection;
  • Promote collaboration and coordination of monitoring activities to improve data collection planning and maximize efficient use of available resources;
  • Establish a sustainable process to routinely update the data compendium; and
  • Improve natural resource management.

Data sets can be categorized, described, listed and geographically queried and served to the users. This data compendium will help MDEQ, USACE, USGS, and other stakeholders access the existing water quality data and other pertinent information.

A GIS toolkit provides the users with easy access to the water quality data of each project partner. This toolkit also provides the ability to zoom to a specific area and query out all the available water quality data in the specified area. The user will also be able to generate a report including a map. In addition, the toolkit will provide websites links for additional information.

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